How to Setup Your Randi Rhodes Podcast on Apple Podcast app

First, you’ll need a randirhodes.com account username and password, a subscription to the Randi Rhodes Show podcasts, and the Podcasts app on your iPhone. The screenshots below are from the latest Apple Podcast from iOS 11.4

  1. Go to your iphone desktop
  2. Find the Apple Podcast app on your desktop
  3. Click “Add podcast by URL”
  4. Paste in Randi’s URL (https://randirhodes.com/feed/premium/)
  5. Click “Subscribe”
  6. Enter your Randi Rhodes credentials (email/or user id and password)
  7. Click “Sign In”
  8. Now you should start seeing the podcast load
  9. Remember to go iphone home desktop and look for “Settings / Cellular /” and ensure that your “Cellular Data” is set to ON. Then scroll down on that same page, and look for the “Podcasts” app and make sure that is turned on – this will help ensure you get the latest app every day