How to Setup Your Randi Rhodes Podcast on Android Phones

First, you’ll need a account username and password, a subscription to the Randi Rhodes Show podcasts, and the AntennaPod app on your Android phone.

  1. Install AntennaPod app on your phone
  2. Open Randi’s welcome email. If you set up an account prior to 10/28/2016 you may have received an auto-generated password, if not create your own.
  3. Go to your phone home screen.
  4. Find the AntennaPod app.
  5. Click the app icon.
  6. Click the menu button.
  7. Click “Add podcast”.
  8. Paste Randi’s URL ( in the “Add Podcast” field and click “Confirm”.
  9. Enter your Randi Rhodes credentials (email/or user id and password).
  10. Click “Confirm”
  11. Click “Subscribe”
  12. Click “Open Podcast”.
  13. Now you’re all setup to start enjoying podcasts!