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The Randi Rhodes Show 01-31-17

Trump: The Liar In Chief; Democrats Boycott; The Dissent Channel; Authors Of The Muslim Ban – White Nationalists; Bannon Wants To ‘Destroy The State’; Sally Yates Will Not Defend Muslim Ban; Monday Night Massacre – Sally Yates Fired; Jeff Sessions The Man Behind This Shock And Awe; Nixons Saturday Night Massacre; New ICE Head Signals …


The Randi Rhodes Show 01-30-17

What A Mess! Trump Gives Bannon Seat At The Intel Table While Kicking Out Intelligence Community – Something Bad Is Going To Happen; Green Card Holders And Refugees Detained For Deportation; Judge Overturns Deportations; Helping ISIS; Canadian Mosque Shooting; Texas Mosque Fire Hours After Trump’s Executive Order; Protests At JFK And LAX. Trump Doesn’t Know …