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Randi Is Coming Back, Be A Part Of It!

The eponymous Randi Rhodes Show, was syndicated to 67 markets, including New York and Los Angeles.

Rhodes was the number-one progressive radio talk show host in America and had the eleventh-most-popular talk show overall for years.

She and her show won numerous awards for journalism and broadcasting, including Radio Ink’s Most Influential Woman (2007) TALKERS magazine’s Woman of the Year (2007), the Judy Jarvis Memorial Award for Contributions to the Talk Industry by a Woman (2007), Radio Ink’s Most Influential Women (multiple years).

Randi has written numerous articles for the Huffington Post, maintained her own Daily Blog and appeared in the HBO documentary Left of the Dial, as herself.

Surprising everyone, Randi vowed never to work for Corporate Media again in May of 2014.

She took a year to write her memoir “Damn Near Famous,” and is now beginning her first LISTENER SUPPORTED LIVE STREAMING show.

Even after more than a year off air, Randi has 30,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of fans on Facebook, who ask her every day to, “Please come back.”Randi promised she would. A woman of her word, this is the beginning of that effort.