Chat Room Rules

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Welcome to the Youtube chat for the Randi Rhodes show. You are one of the treasured officers of the Randi Rhodes Air Force and we are happy you are listening and participating. Free, civil discussion is encouraged, and you can even argue and disagree, as long as it’s genial discourse.
These are a few guidelines (a work in progress) for participating in the chat:

  1. Trolls will be summarily banned. I think we all know what those are. Trolls are people who come in and just spout off to disrupt the channel with things that are offensive.
  2. All Caps: Perfectly fine if you are trying to emphasize a word, but continual all caps messages will get warnings (3) and then a time out. If after the time out, if all caps are used again, that person will be kicked. Accidently doing that is fine, we all accidently do that at times.
  3. No ad hominem attacks on anyone in the chat, or the host. Warnings (3) then kicked.
  4. While profanity is tolerated, especially in context, excessive profanity will probably get a warning. Please consider your audience, who probably has a better vocabulary than that.
  5. Threatening the chat or moderators. Immediate ban, and a report to youtube.
  6. Please try to stay on topic to the show. Don’t spam with repetitive messages or memes.

We want this chat to be fun and a way to create a community of friends who value the show who want to connect and to share with each other. Have fun, and bounce your boobies!

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Call-in line:  (561) 270-3844