HOMEWORK 03/07/24 ~ Mr. Speaker, The President of the United States


The State Of The Union

Tell Them What You Think In Real Time: Tonight, For The First Time, Americans Can React & Participate Live To The SOTU On WhiteHouse.Gov

In State Of The Union Speech, Biden Expected To Laud His Economic Successes, While Drawing A Sharp Contrast With Trump

Pres. Biden To Challenge Republicans In Congress On Lowering Costs For Consumers In State Of The Union

In State Of The Union, Biden Expected To Highlight Second Term Plans To Deny Tax Breaks To Wealthy Corporations & Raise Corporate Tax Rates

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s Private Advice To Biden: Be Like FDR – And Lay Out A Strong Agenda In The SOTU

New Survey Confirms Voters Support Pres. Biden’s Agenda And Accomplishments, Despite Low Awareness Of Them

Compare Biden’s Hard Work & Hopefulness To Trump’s Dark Vision of America


Economic Realities

Why Are Groceries In The U.S. Still So Expensive? Monopoly Power.

Americans Benefitting From Biden’s Economic Policies Have No Idea He’s Involved

New Economics Study Confirms 50 Years Of Tax Cuts For The Rich Failed To Trickle Down – And In Fact, Made Economic Inequality Worse

SOTU Reminder: Progressive Economic Policies Can Revive Blighted Areas Of America –  And Help Save Democracy


The Failing Republican Congress

House Finally Passes Bipartisan $460 Billion Partial Spending Bill To Avert Partial Shutdown; Senate Expected To Pass Bill Before Shutdown Deadline

War On Women

Alabama Governor Signs Legislation Protecting IVF Providers From Legal Liability

Tennessee Republicans Reject Bill To Protect IVF, Arguing It Would Weaken Their Abortion Ban

Kentucky Senate Passes Bill To Grant The Right To Collect Child Support For Fetuses


Truth & Lies About Crime

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Deploys National Guard And State Police To Patrol NYC Subways And Check Bags

Reality Vs Perception: How Bad Is Crime in the NYC Subways? Not Nearly As Bad As Some Believe It Is.

Most People Think The U.S. Crime Rate Is Rising. The Facts Prove They’re Wrong.

Trump’s Claims Of A Migrant Crime Wave Are Not Supported By The Data


How The Right Makes An Immigration Lie Explode

Trump Starts a Big Lie, This Time at a Fake News Website called “American Military News” Quoting The “Center For Immigration Studies”

Who Is “American Military News?” Two People, Plus A Bunch Of So-Called “Guest Contributors”

What Is The “Center For Immigration Studies?” An Anti-Immigration Lobby Shop

The Founder Of The ”Center for Immigration Studies?” Is A White Nationalist

Fact Check: Claims That The Biden Administration Is Secretly Flying Migrants Into The Country Are Untrue & Unfounded


Campaigns 2024

The Biden-Trump Rematch Is Finally Really Beginning. Americans Are Still Processing That Reality.

A Huge Loss For All Of Us – Katie Porter, a Rising Star in Congress, Finds Herself Without Another Seat

Mitch McConnell Endorses Trump, A Men McConnel Once Denounced (And Has Long Despised)

Mehdi Hasan: The Most Offensive Republican Candidate In America (That’s Not Trump)? May Be North Carolina’s Mark Robinson


Russia’s War On Ukraine

Russian Missile Hits Near Motorcade In Ukrainian City Of Odessa, Nearly Hitting Pres. Zelensky & Greece’s PM Mitsotakis

Sweden Officially Joins NATO In Historic Move, As Hungary Ratifies Bid In Shadow Of Russia’s War On Ukraine

What Europe Wants From Biden’s State Of The Union: More Aid For Ukraine, Immediately


Israel Vs Hamas

Gaza Ceasefire Talks Appear To Have Stalled Days Before Ramadan Begins

Lebanon Now Says It’s Waiting For A Cease Fire In Gaza To End Its Current Dispute With Israel

Biden To Announce U.S. Will Build Temporary Port On Gaza Shore For Large-Scale Aid Delivery






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