Welcome Back – Time To Catch Up

A Quick Recap Of The Last Two Weeks, Via MSNBC


Bidenomics Works

2023 U.S. Holiday Spending Increased, Defying Fears Of A Downturn

U.S. Stocks Close Out 2023 With A 24% Gain, Buoyed By A Resilient Economy Under Biden

The 2024 U.S. Economy On Track To Be Shockingly Normal


Trump’s Ballot Battle – Accountability Vs Eligibility

Colorado Supreme Court Kicks Trump Off The State’s 2024 Primary Ballot For Violating The U.S. Constitution – SCOTUS Has Until January 4th To Weigh In

Donald Trump Disqualified From 2024 Ballot, Colorado Supreme Court Determines In Explosive Ruling

Maine Secretary of State Bars Trump From Primary Ballot, Citing The Insurrection Clause In The 14th Amendment, Section 3


When They Show You Who They Are

Donald Trump Sends Christmas Wishes To His Foes, Ranting That They Should “Rot In Hell”

Dec. Recap – Trump Makes Another ‘Poison The Blood’ Comment Evoking Hitler Yet Again

Trump Says Immigrants Are ‘Poisoning The Blood Of Our Country’ – But Lindsay Graham Says He Doesn’t Care What Language Trump Uses

Nikki Haley, When Asked What Caused The Civil War, Leaves Out Slavery. It’s Not The First Time She’s Blown The Answer To This Question.

Nikki Haley Says She Would Pardon Trump If He’s Convicted Of Crimes

Trump-Friendly Turning Point USA’s “AmericaFest” Featured Charlie Kirk, Rosanne Barr – And Hatred Of Jews

Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes Says That If Trump is Elected In 2024, He Will “Give The Death Penalty To All Jews”

Top Polish Leaders Join Jewish Citizens To Celebrate Hanukkah In Parliament After Right-Wing Lawmaker Puts Out Menorah With Fire Extinguisher

Amb. Deborah Lipstadt, Biden’s Special Envoy For Combatting Antisemitism, Notes “Antisemitism Is Like A Virus For Which There Is No Cure”

Florida Republican Party Censures Chair Christian Ziegler And Strips Him Of Authority Amid Rape Investigation


New Year, Same War – Ukraine/Russia Edition

Poland Activates Fighter Jets In Protective Action As Russia Pounds Ukraine With Missiles

Russian Ballistic Missiles Strike Ukraine Cities Overnight, Killing At Least 4

Dec Recap: Ukrainian Drone Video Provides Grim Look At Casualties As Russian Troops Advance –  Putin Is Throwing Cannon Fodder At Ukraine To Buy Time

How A Putin Victory In Ukraine Could Devastate The United States & The World – If The U.S. Bails On Ukraine, Here’s What Happens


New Year, Same War – Middle East Edition

Israel Begins Partial West Bank Withdrawal – What It Means For The Future Of The War In Gaza

Dec Recap: Hamas Turns Gaza Streets Into Deadly Maze For Israeli Troops

Israel’s Top Court Strikes Down Key Part Of Netanyahu’s Attempted Judicial Overhaul, Reigniting Internal Divisions, Even As War With Hamas Continues

Gideon Levy: Palestinian Prisoners In Israel Are Being Blindfolded And Beaten Twice A Week. This Won’t Help Israel Win The War – Or Find Peace.

Dec Recap: Harvard/Harris Poll Says Gen Z Americans, 18-24, Are Split 50/50 On Who They Support In Israel/Hamas War

Gideon Levy: There’s No Way To Legitimately Explain This Degree Of Death And Destruction In Gaza Anymore

Jennifer Rubin: The Pieces Are Falling Into Place To End Israel’s War In Gaza – And Israeli’s Have Had Enough Of Netanyahu

Yair Rosenberg: Biden’s Smart Strategy for Outmaneuvering Bibi


Immigration Nation

Biden’s Border Negotiations Mark Seismic Shift on Immigration Politics (Dec 19)

Texas Gov. Abbott’s New Immigration Law is About to Blow Up in His Face

Jennifer Rubin: A Border Deal Can Save Ukraine, Aid Israel And Taiwan, And Help Biden


The Abortion Wars

Dec Recap: Black Ohio Woman, After Miscarriage, Charged With “Abuse of Corpse”

Ohio Grand Jury To Decide Whether To Charge Black Woman Who Miscarried With “Abuse Of A Corpse”


The Supremely Compromised Court

The Clarence Thomas Scandal Is Now Somehow Looking Even Worse


The Dumbest Congress

Mia McCarthy: Farewell To 2023, One Of The Dumbest Years In Congressional History

The Idiots Aren’t Going Away – Lauren Boebert Made A Mess Of Her District, So She’s Trying To Move To Another One, To Stay In Congress


Trials Of Trumpland

Supreme Court Sidesteps Decision On Trump Presidential Immunity Claim In Federal Election Interference Case

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case On Trump’s Immunity Defense – For Now

Lordy, There Are Tapes – New Info Shows Trump Directly Pressured Michigan Canvassers Not To Certify 2020 Election In Recorded Phone Call

Newly Unsealed Records Show Feds Raided Rudy Giuliani’s Home & Office In 2021 Over His Money Woes & Suspicions Of Deal With Corrupt Ukrainian Official






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