19 09, 2017


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Trump, the Isolationist, went to the United Nations to complain. I’m shocked I tell you. Say goodbye to the P.R. and the entire Caribbean. Another Category 4 storm slammed into Dominica last night and is on the way to take out Puerto Rico, but there is no such thing as Climate Change. Got that? St. Louis police are militarized and intimidating protestors. How can it be possible that ALL police are “good” and all protestors are “bad?” Shouldn’t we weed out the bad apples in both groups? Just a question. The Senate is busy today. Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen will deny Trump was trying to build Trump Tower Moscow during the election because there was no deal (but it wasn’t for lack of trying…Trump is just a loser.) In their spare time, they will try to Repeal and Replace Obamacare with something called the Graham-Cassidy Bill which allows your State to decide what kind of health care you can buy. Add the Ted Cruz Amendment to that, and you’ve got higher premiums for almost no coverage. Sounds great. Rock on.

7 09, 2017


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If Congress can pass it, the President will sign the Dream Act. At this point in his presidency, Trump wants his pound of revenge. Failure on Health Care, inability to end the Russia investigations, stalling on Harvey Aid and Tax Reform moves Trump into the Democrats arms. Republicans never could govern, and Trump needs a win. Even in the minority Democrats are better at getting things done. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Don’t kid yourself. Meanwhile, Irma is a beast and a direct hit on South Florida is inevitable. We are preparing as best we can. Stand by for news.

17 03, 2016

What A Riot!!!

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The Donald insists that if he is not made the nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, “There will be riots, riots.”  This blog post is not about arguing whether or not The Donald is inciting violence, that is another discussion that has the