21 04, 2017

Homework 04-21-17 TRUMP AND THE 100 DAY MARK

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Trump proclaimed in his CONTRACT with Americans delivered in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, he was going to build a big beautiful wall on the Southern Border and have Mexico pay for it, repeal and replace Obamacare, create a Muslim registry, ban Muslims from entering our country, introduce a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, end Common Core, Introduce a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress, introduce Tax Reform, Label China a Currency Manipulator, all in his first 100 days. Now he says the rigged media created this myth. Doh.

20 04, 2017

Homework 04-20-17 Trump Has No Idea What He’s Doing And Everyone In The World Knows It

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As Fox News slowly implodes, losing Greta Van Susteren, Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly due to an atmosphere of discrimination and pervasive sexual harassment, Donald Trump tweets his support for all of it. When Congress comes back from vacation Tuesday, there will be an attempt to implode health care once again, forcing people with pre-existing conditions into State-run High-Risk Pools. Congress will have all of 4 days to prevent a Government shutdown over this and Trumps insane spending priorities, like taxpayer funding for THE WALL. Should be fun to watch. MORE:

19 04, 2017

Homework 04-19-17 Trump’s Madman Theory Is Dangerous

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After “technical difficulties” in Georgia’s 6th district delayed the vote count, Jon Ossoff just missed receiving 50% of the vote. There will be a runoff in June between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel. Ossoff was raised in the 6th District, was a mentee of Congressman John Lewis and a legislative aide to Congressman Hank Johnson for five years, while Karen Handel, a chronic politician, born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C was fired from the Susan G. Komen organization for trying to defund Planned Parenthood breast cancer screenings. Feel good about this matchup! MUCH MORE:

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