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The Great Big Thank You Page

There is no way we could have accomplished our mission without THESE AMAZING PEOPLE who showed up early and often. With enormous gratitude, I list each of their names.

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  1. Britt James Fellner July 2, 2016 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    Thank you for taking up a presence in the much needed talk radio segment again. This time unvarnished and supported by us–the folks that work hard and set aside a little time and money and invested it into a show that is about working people; men and women; veterans and other civilians that are overlooked by the powerful moneyed interests in this country. You have some of the best research and homework that empowers us.. to become a part of the conversation again. This is what representative democracy is supposed to be about–an informed citizenry capable of casting both empathy for afflicted and infirm; and criticism to the powerful as a referendum and curb on their inferred power. By retaking our place in the oversight of our government we are doing essentially what the framers of this country envisioned. We owe a debt to those origins, and it is through this work we can do so. Thank you Randi Rhodes.. from a person that has never called you on your show, but has called you out many times.. for the dedication you have to social justice and equity… Sincerely, a backer to your new show

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