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20 09, 2017


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Trump became the Lord of War at the UN yesterday saying things like, “If the righteous many don’t confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.” We’re not worried about “evil,” you dimwit. We’re worried about unstable lunatics—and you’re one of them. Trump declared, “We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” That’s not how you show strength in international relations, but this is a guy who is more used to picking fights with Rosie O’Donnell. Trump went on to call Iran a “rogue nation” and to threaten Venezuela. How does any of this interventionism appeal to his lunatic base? And…Obamacare care repeal is BAAAACK, like a bad movie. IF a bad movie could kill people. The bill divides states into two groups. RED states that don’t want to give their residents healthcare and BLUE states who won’t be able to afford to give their people healthcare. You know there’s a reason why “Pay more! Get less” never took off as a product slogan.

19 09, 2017


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Trump, the Isolationist, went to the United Nations to complain. I’m shocked I tell you. Say goodbye to the P.R. and the entire Caribbean. Another Category 4 storm slammed into Dominica last night and is on the way to take out Puerto Rico, but there is no such thing as Climate Change. Got that? St. Louis police are militarized and intimidating protestors. How can it be possible that ALL police are “good” and all protestors are “bad?” Shouldn’t we weed out the bad apples in both groups? Just a question. The Senate is busy today. Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen will deny Trump was trying to build Trump Tower Moscow during the election because there was no deal (but it wasn’t for lack of trying…Trump is just a loser.) In their spare time, they will try to Repeal and Replace Obamacare with something called the Graham-Cassidy Bill which allows your State to decide what kind of health care you can buy. Add the Ted Cruz Amendment to that, and you’ve got higher premiums for almost no coverage. Sounds great. Rock on.

18 09, 2017


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The murder of Anthony Lamar Smith sparks mostly peaceful protests in St. Louis, that of course, and in pepper spray, arrests and more police brutality. Police march through the streets in riot gear chanting “Whose streets? Our streets.” Facebook turns over the ads Russia bought and disseminated in support of Donald Trump. Trump's lawyers are overheard in a steakhouse discussing what to do. They decided White House Counsel Don McGhan is probably wearing a wire and is a spy. This is what you conclude when you don’t have the law or the facts on your side. Hurricane Jose heads up the East Coast, Hurricane Maria, now a Cat 3 takes the same path as Irma and Trump's crew spread out over the Sunday shows to give mixed messages about staying in or pulling out of the Paris accord.

15 09, 2017


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What a mess. What an utterly disgusting mess. After our Governor told us every day for a week that Florida was totally prepared for a Category 5 Hurricane named Irma, South Florida got socked and guess what? He lied. There was almost no response. Nope, no one was prepared, and no one came to help. While we cleaned yards that looked like tossed salads, elderly people were never evacuated from their nursing homes, generators were not available, water was scarce, food was rotting in refrigerators and coolers, electricity is still out for over 2 Million of us, the Internet and cell service are still nearly impossible to get, no one directs traffic at major lightless intersections, power lines are still covered in torn trees and South Florida rots like a dead whale. Trump, of course, denies global warming is making these storms wetter and wilder but enjoys calling them “epic.” So now, more than ever, it should be obvious that whoever we put in charge of government matters. Without clear-eyed realism, the entire Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf States will slowly disappear. Right now, we have a President and a government that believes in NOTHING, and that’s just what America will get.

7 09, 2017


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If Congress can pass it, the President will sign the Dream Act. At this point in his presidency, Trump wants his pound of revenge. Failure on Health Care, inability to end the Russia investigations, stalling on Harvey Aid and Tax Reform moves Trump into the Democrats arms. Republicans never could govern, and Trump needs a win. Even in the minority Democrats are better at getting things done. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Don’t kid yourself. Meanwhile, Irma is a beast and a direct hit on South Florida is inevitable. We are preparing as best we can. Stand by for news.

6 09, 2017


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We’re a little distracted by Hurricane Irma, the largest Atlantic Hurricane ever recorded, but we still noticed how many “CULT 45” members think it’s all a deep state plot to advance a climate change agenda. I’m sure Texas and Florida will be receptive. Dreamers are as frightened as Florida residents, but one thing is definite, Hurricane Donald is completely man made. Meanwhile, Mueller has the letter Trump originally wrote explaining why Comey had to go. That letter was never sent. Instead, Rod Rosenstein penned the letter we saw. It could be more Kryptonite for Trump.

5 09, 2017


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So many damn lies about DACA. Today I'll show you the Federal Court that UPHELD the original version of DACA and the many many lies that racist Republicans are spewing about 819,000 young Dreamers. It's also true that Obama sought to expand DACA to include parents of American born children. A Texas Federal Court in Texas ruled against the EXPANSION. Obama has issued a statement, breaking his post-presidential silence. Hurricane Irma is now a Cat 5 storm. It has to go somewhere. The European and American models show it hitting Florida. We won't know for a few more days.

31 08, 2017


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In a stunning maneuver, Special Counsel Robert Mueller teamed up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Not only does this mean Mueller is getting closer to criminal activities, but it’s likely in response to Trump signaling (with the Arpaio pardon) that if anyone is indicted, they will be pardoned. However, the President cannot pardon State Crimes. Stay tuned.

30 08, 2017


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Wearing crazy hats, Trump and Melania made their way to Austin. Melania’s hat said ‘FLOT US” Whoops. Lacking empathy or understanding, their visit to Austin did not include any of the victims of Harvey. Today, Trump will shift his message to huge spending…ON TAX CUTS while Houston drowns. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and the Texas delegation will assume every position in the Kama Sutra in an attempt to bend history regarding their NO VOTES on the Sandy Relief package.