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24 05, 2017


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After all Trump’s groveling before the fundamentalist hereditary dictatorship, Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 and sharing code-word protected Intel on the activities of ISIS with our Iran loving adversaries in Russia, there was a horror show of terrorism. Teen and preteen girls, attending an Ariana Grande concert were the selected target of a suicide bomber in Manchester England. Twenty-two are dead.  Trump said, from now on he will call terrorists “Losers.”  Whew, glad he has a plan! 

22 05, 2017

Homework 05-22-17 FLYNN TAKES THE FIFTH

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The Investigation Accelerates; Flynn Takes The Fifth; Recapping Stunningly Bad Two Weeks; November 18, 2016, Letter To Pence From Elijah Cummings; Russian Hackers Targeted Half The States Voter Registration Computers; What We Know So Far; Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo Asked To Testify; Former Cia Director Brennan To Testify Tuesday; Trump Asked Comey To Jail Journalists.

19 05, 2017


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Another WTF Week In Trump; View From The Right; View From The Left; Yesterday – Found Out Rosenstein Wrote Memo After Trump Decision To Fire Comey; Comey Said Trump Asked Him To Let It Go In February; Follow Up – Dana Rohrabacher Targeted By Russians For Recruitment; Flashback – Trumps Russian Mob Ties; Rod Rosenstein Knew Comey Was Fired When He Wrote Hillary Email Memo. MORE

18 05, 2017

Homework 05-18-17 Many More Contacts With Russia Than Previously Reported

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Since Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said the Trump administration was in a “downward spiral,” it’s looking more and more like a death spiral. Last night at exactly 6PM when we were signing off for the day, the news broke that Robert S. Mueller former head of the FBI and Comey’s predecessor had been appointed Special Counsel charged with investigating the Russia “thing” as Trump calls it. The cracks in the GOP are now visible.

17 05, 2017


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Sally Yates – Cnn Interview; David Gergen – I Think We’re In Impeachment Territory; Angus King – Impeachment Territory; Tucker Carlson – What’s Happening Isn’t Really Happening; Tucker Carlson – Russian Investigation More Important Than Opioid Problem? Terrorism Alert Issued; Summary Crisis Of Credibility And Judgment; How Trump Got Rolled By The Russians. More:

16 05, 2017

Homework 05-16-17 Our Intelligence Agencies Were Worried

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Trump Gives Highly Classified, “Code-word Protected” Intel To Russians; Mcmaster Denies President Revealed Sources And Methods, The Story Does Not Say That; Administration Officials So Concerned They Notified CIA And NSA Immediately; An Aide Said The Details Were ‘Granular’ And Revealed The City In Syria Where Info Was Gathered; Trump's Loyalists All Denounce Story As False – Trump Tweets It’s True. MORE:

15 05, 2017

Homework 05-15-17 Why Last Week Was Such A YUGE Deal

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The firing of FBI Director James Comey was a YUGE deal. The Lester Holt interview will prove to be Trump’s Kryptonite. Feeling the heat, Trump tweets that Comey better hope there are no “tapes” of their White House Dinner, while Comey tells those close to him he hopes there are. Either way, any tapes Trump may have made belong to the people and Trump now has to come clean. Either there are tapes that must be released or admit you tried to Intimidate a Witness in an open investigation.

12 05, 2017

Homework 05-12-17 When Will The GOP Start Being Americans?

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The Comey/Trump Dinner; Trump Threatens Comey On Twitter; Rod Rosenstein ‘Can’t Work In An Environment Where Facts Are Not Accurately Reported.’ Senate Intel Chair/Vice Chair Meet With Rosenstein; Rosenstein Will Meet With All Senators Next Week; When Will The GOP Start Being Americans?

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