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17 02, 2017

The Randi Rhodes Show 02-17-17

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National Strike! Congress Goes Home… Go For It!!! Unhinged: Fact Checks – Trump's Very Strange Lie-filled Press Conference; Trump Considers Mobilizing 100,000 National Guard Troops To Round Up Immigrants; Flynn Told FBI He Did Not Talk To Russia About Sanctions; Admiral Harward Turns Trump Down

14 02, 2017

The Randi Rhodes Show 02-14-17

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What A Night! Flynn Says He Will Not Resign – Then Resigns; Trump's Troubles Are Just Beginning. Guests: Malcolm Nance US Intelligence +35 yrs, NY Times Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief. NBC/MSNBC. and John Dean Author, Lecturer, Columnist (Justia), former Nixon. White House Counsel.

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