9 05, 2017

Homework 05-09-17 Sally Yates – What We Learned Yesterday

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Yesterday we learned that Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates saw a Category 5 Hurricane churning and heading for a direct hit on the White House. She tried to set off alarm bells, warning White House Counsel Don McGhan that Lt. General Michael Flynn had been compromised by the Russians and could be blackmailed. The White House wanted to know, “Why does it matter if one member of the White House National Security Team lies to another?” Ignoring her warnings, Lt. General Michael Flynn would not only stay on in the White House for 18 more days but would be included in a highly classified conversation with Russias’ Vladimir Putin. Sean Spicer would refer to Ms. Yate’s warnings as a “heads-up” while Michael Flynn Jr. would apply for his own security clearance. Two riveting moments: Ted Cruz is shamed by his very own “Mona Lisa Vito” and Clapper admitting he was out of the loop with regard to Comey’s investigation.

8 05, 2017

Homework 05-08-17 I Think Trump Knows He’s Going To Get Fried Today

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BIG day today. Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates will testify to the Senate that she gave strong warnings to the incoming Trump Administration regarding General Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russia. Yates was fired on Trumps 10th day in office, for refusing to defend the Unconstitutional Muslim Ban, but there is a great deal of suspicion that it was her warnings about Flynn’s Russia ties that did her in. One “tell” that Donald is scared crap-less, was how hard the White House plotted to keep Sally Yates from testifying before the House Intelligence Committee in March and another is The Donald’s misspelled crazy tweets this morning.

5 05, 2017

Homework 05-05-17 GOP Healthcare: CRUEL AND UNUSUAL

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The Republicans voted to destroy the healthcare system in this country simply because they spent 7 years promising they would… and with majorities in both Houses and The Presidency they needed “A win.” Turns out their win will be a loss OF LIFE for 24 Million. Finally! Death Panels in the Healthcare law, just like they said.

3 05, 2017

Homework 05-03-17 Comey: To Think He Influenced Election Made Him “Mildly Nauseous.”

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Today my boyfriend James Comey testified in open session before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Most of it was unrelated to the Russia Investigation, which will be discussed behind closed doors at the House Intel Committee tomorrow, but we did get his rationale for notifying Congress about “new emails” found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. He said it made him “mildly nauseous.”

2 05, 2017

Homework 05-02-17 Trump Voters Get Royally Screwed By The President’s Budget

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28 04, 2017

Homework 04-28-17 What To Watch This Weekend – 99 Days And Counting!

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Trump gave another bizarre interview, this time to Reuters. The takeaway? Trump wants a big beautiful war with North Korea, thinks being President should have been easier and that the media is mean to him. Trump has failed to pass any significant legislation on Health Care, Tax Relief for the middle class, funding of his ridiculous wall, infrastructure investment or jobs, and after his Muslim Ban and the defunding of Sanctuary Cities was struck down in the Courts, Trump will sign a 1 week Continuing Resolution to keep the government from shutting down tonight. Now that’s change we can believe in!

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